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For centuries, fashion has been therevolutionary in moulding our ideas of beauty.  From corsets to shoulder pads, from skinny jeans to parachute pants, designers are constantly changing our views of what is attractive.  But now fashion has a rival, and it has come armed with gizmos and gadgets.  Technology is on the rise and is quickly becoming a spectacle to admire.

In my mind, it began with the never-ending battle between Microsoft and Apple.  I remember running across the street to my neighbour’s house as a kid wanting to play on their new colourful Apple computer, and thinking less fondly about the beige, chunky PC we had back at my house.

I remember getting the new iPod Nano when I was fourteen, how small and thin it was, and then looking at my sister’s three years older and almost three times larger first generation iPod with disgust.  And then the iPhone came out.  Yes, it was larger than any other mobile phone I had seen before, but it had a touch screen!  Whenever I saw it in the shop windows or in an ad on TV, I would imagine how great I would look holding that phone in my hand.

It seems that Apple has truly embraced the notion that fashion, trend and design are just as important in spending habits as the functionality and usability of devices.  Ever since the iPhone was unveiled, it has led the way in the smartphone market despite its relatively small market share of around 17%.  Its engineers understood early on that the more eye-catching something is, the more likely a consumer is to buy it.  Just as if we saw a beautiful coat, or bag, or hat in a shop window, we admire new technology devices for their size, their capability, and, wait, which colours does that come in?  I’ll take it in red.

We can shape our computers, our mobile phones, our iPods, and our tablets to reflect our personalities, just like a brand new pair of bright red stilettos!  Like fashion, technology is changing the way we think of beauty.  It’s not Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in Paris… it’s not a flower in the midst of winter… it’s a sleek and shiny iPad.

Johnson King PR blog, November 2010


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Fashion Goes Digital

It’s a fashion event that anyone from anywhere in the world can attend, all made possible by the world wide web.  On November 1, Vogue.com hosted the first ever Fashion’s Night In, an event dedicated to online shopping.  You may have heard of the famous Fashion’s Night Out which debuted last year, an annual event dedicated to going out on the town in style, finding top merchandise at great prices, and catching a glimpse of some of the top names in the fashion world.   For Fashion’s Night In, the digital equivalent to FNO, there’s no need to even change out of your pyjamas.

Vogue.com hosted a live blog telling readers where to be and when, and, as they promised it would be, Twitter was “alive with fashion action,” with stylists and editors telling fans what to buy and where to buy it.
In preparation, Vogue.com was furiously updating its website last week with the newest deals being offered by online fashion’s chicest etailers for FNI, ranging from a free gift with each purchase to a Treasure Hunt around the site with a prize at the end.  Like FNO, the proceeds from all the night’s activities were donated to KidsCo.

So, the big question is: Will FNI’s turn to digital put it ahead of FNO?

The money is currently being counted, but the general consensus is that FNI was a huge success.

Johnson King PR blog, November 2010

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