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Photos of the Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market in Eugene, Oregon.

People gather at the Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market on Sunday, February 19 to buy and sell personal items like handmade soap, old records, books, and jewelry. The Market has been held at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene since 1970.

One vendor works on a drawing while customers pass by, admiring her home-made lamps.

Most of the items sold at the Market are priced significantly lower than items sold in a store- jewelry is priced at just a few dollars and books are sold for a few quarters.

Near the end of the day, a young girl sits on a bag of shoes and plays on her father's calculator while he organizes the items on his table and converses with customers.

Vintage and antique items fill the tables- old sports equipment, sewing machines, and dolls are a common theme.

A vendor excepts $4 for a box of Girl Scout cookies- many vendors allow customers to barter over the cost of their items.


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Splat Ter

Portrait photos of tattoo artist Splat Ter.

Tattoo artist Splat-Ter has been tattooing for almost 20 years, from the United Kingdom to the United States. He now works at High Priestess Tattoo in Eugene, Oregon.

Splat-Ter has been working on this full-length sleeve for almost a year, starting with the outline and slowly working in the colorful details of Lord Ganesha, Hindu God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles.

With his specialty being in large tattoos, Splat-Ter is used to working on the same tattoo for hours, weeks, months, and even years.

As loud rock music plays in the background, Splat-Ter likes to sing along as he works.

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A “Sense of Place” assignment for my photojournalism class.

The 65 acres of vineyards at Sweet Cheeks Winery are planted on sloping hillsides and grow Pinot Noir, Riesling,


Leo Nicholls, the assistant winemaker, allows the filtered rose wine to flow through one of many tubes into a barrel.

The winery's state of the art filtering technology traps any residue within thousands of small tubes as the wine slowly empties out of the larger tube.

Wine is stored in 60 gallon French oak barriques in a small room that keeps the wine warm during cold winter months.

Sweet Cheeks' rose Pinot Gris, a favorite of its visitors, is a subtly sweet wine full of citrus flavors.

In the tasting room, visitors enjoy the award-winning wines over friendly conversation on a Friday evening.

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Pre's Trail, named after the late track star Steve Prefontaine, serves as a soft running path that runs along the north bank of the Willamette River in Eugene.


Few leaves hang on the trees around Pre's Trail in January.

The American flag shines in the sun atop the Federal Courthouse in Eugene.The Federal Courthouse building in Eugene is surrounded by odd restaurants and tattoo parlours.

A single rose blooms in front of the Lillis Business Complex at the University of Oregon on a rainy winter day.

The glass front of the Lillis Business Complex at the University of Oregon is adorned with an "O" that was put up for the taping of ESPN's College Gameday last autumn.

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